Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Two Important Announcements

First, be sure to visit my other blog -- -- July 5, 6 and 7 for a presentation of a new-to-me way to use stencils.  Step-by-step photos and directions are part of the three-day package.  The results are stunning; it's okay for me to brag about this, since the idea and the artwork are both entirely credited to my artsy friend Mary Ann Russo!

No less exciting is my second announcement of the day --  The founder of StencilGirlProducts is having a birthday and celebrating with a sale!

As I mentioned yesterday, this sale may be especially good news for any of you who do what I do -- buy several copies of one stencil (such as Clustered Leaves, shown above) so that, on at least one of them, you can remove the rectangular outer border -- for a whole new look (and in my opinion, a more versatile stencil.)  For stencil-altering, I use Joyce Chen scissors.  These scissors are perfect for this since they have short blades and will cut thru stencils with ease. 

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