Monday, November 20, 2017

Everyone Loves a Christmas Gift Made with Love

My gift-making project ends with a stencil-decorated flower pot, but I decided to first work my way up to decorating on the pot.

So I did a test on foil paper.  Foil papers are great for use with stencils, even the slightly embossed foil papers that I found in my stash.

On a purple sheet of foil, I used metallic white paint with a Sofft Sponge to apply paint thru my 9"X12" stencil Boxed Vines.

Above:  Boxed Vines stencil is taped into place over the foil.  

Above:  Metallic white paint has been applied.

I wasn't thrilled with my results ... too messy-looking.

So, turning to the flower pot itself, I switched to a different medium -- spray.  Lots of spray paints would work for this, including the kinds that come in ready-to-use cans.  

But for this project, I chose to use acrylic inks and my Pat Dews mouth atomizer.  (Clicking on this link, you can watch a demo showing how to use this atomizer, which is sold online at Cheap Joe's Art Supplies.)

My flower pot is 5" in diameter -- I don't recommend trying to use this stencil on anything smaller.  The horizontal top section --

-- of Boxed Vines is exactly the right size to use twice on a 5-in. diameter flower pot.

 With masking tape, I secured the stencil to the flower pot.

Above:  back view of upside-down flower pot, stencil attached.

Above:  front view of right-side up flower pot, stencil attached.

First, I sprayed with green acrylic ink.

When that layer had dried, I sprayed a top layer of metallic blue acrylic ink.

Once this second layer was dry, I peeled off the stencil and re-applied it to the other side of the pot; then I repeated the double layer of sprays. 

While I had the spraying gear out, I used it on the foil sheet mentioned earlier, spraying lightly over the original stenciled pattern.  The spray did the trick -- concealing the messy look that I hadn't liked ...

Click on the above image to enlarge it.

Cut apart, the two panels above will work well in an art journal, maybe even on the journal cover, as topmost embellishments -- because that foil background adds pizzazz. 

Below is the finished flower pot.

 And the catch-all paper from beneath the flower pot turned out to be pretty enough to keep --

-- for a future art project.

Thanks for visiting my blog today!

I'm happy to say that I've designed 70 stencils for StencilGirl.  The multiple pages of my stencils start here.

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