Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Cards Made with 2 of 4 Stencils Released October 14

Working on muted silver paper, I ended up with a less-than-perfect print when working with my October 14-released  stencil Tiger Lily (6" x 6").  First, I thought squeeze-bottle glitter might help ...


... and it did help the central area, but the area right above the center, as well as below it, were faintly printed; and I didn't want to add more glitter.

So I cut out the star-shaped central area --

-- and glued it to red background paper, then glued those two layers to the front of a white metallic greeting card blank from  It doesn't make a perfect Christmas star ... but it's close.

Above:  Tiger Lily got used in a different way on another Christmas card.  I used red acrylic paint and white background paper to make the above print, before adding it to another greeting card.  The central star is an embellishment found years ago at Michaels Arts and Crafts.  

Above:  I used Sprigsanother new 6" x 6" stencil, in the same way.  I liked these results enough to make several cards identical to this one. 

Thanks for coming to see my blog today!

I'm happy to say that I've designed 70 stencils for StencilGirl.  The multiple pages of my stencils start here.


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