Friday, December 6, 2019

Christmas Uses for Stencil Prints

Today's post includes both Christmas giftbags and Christmas cards.  First, a full-view shot of a giftbag collaged with a background of a dyed page from a songbook:  a Christmas song.  Over that, I added a tree made from stencil-printed paper.  

Below:  a close-up of the collage --

Stencils used in making the tree's prints --

6" x 6" Sprigs


6" x 6" Trivet A 

Below are two Christmas cards made this year ; the three trees were made using prints made with the same two stencils shown above.  On the right, the candle was cut from a print made with Sprigs.


My cardstock blanks come from and most of them have a built-in metallic sheen, like the green card above.

The silver crown comes from a collection of similar decorations given to me a long time ago by a dear friend who has since passed away.

Below is a candle made from a cut-out of paper printed with my 6" x 6" stencil Mimosa 6 --

Mimosa 6

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