Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Figure vs. Ground in Artwork -- Part 2 of 2

 Winter Berries Mask and Winter Berries Stencil are exact opposites of each other -- which makes it exciting to use them together; this creates a play between negative space and positive space.  Viewers can ask,  "Which is which?" --  because negative space can visually trade places with positive space.  An interesting image can challenge the viewer to see the berries first as figure (positive space), then in the opposite way, as ground (negative space.)

Above:  artwork, full-view, painted using Winter Berries Mask and Winter Berries Stencil .

Above:  a close-up detail from the same artwork created with
Winter Berries Mask and Winter Berries Stencil .

Above, the winter berries appear (in the bottom layer of paint) as near-white, surrounded by cool aquas and pale yellow-greens.  In the top layer of paint, the winter berries appear as solid areas of orange and yellow-orange.  These layered opposites seem to visually bounce back-and-forth between positive and negative space.  

The stencil and the mask (each 9" x 12") look like this:

Winter Berries Stencil 

Winter Berries Mask 

Likewise, my Pods series of four stencils and masks work together; since these masks are opposites of their corresponding stencils, the use of both together -- working in layers atop layers -- develops complex imagery that challenges viewers to decide which is "figure" (foreground) and which is "ground" (background.) 

Below:  a parade of examples.  Some are close-ups showing details; others show the full-view version of figure-ground art samples.  

My goal is to coax the eye to move back and forth between figure and ground.  This creates "tension," depth and complexity that causes a viewer to stop and study the piece.

My Pods series of stencils and masks used in developing the above samples are these:

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