Wednesday, June 28, 2017

They Wuz Framed!

Kids on summer vacation will want something to do on rainy days ... and alternatives to electronic games exist.

Papercraft picture frames, available online from retail outlets like Oriental Trading -- -- come ready to be decorated.  The type I have on hand is an older style than what is pictured at the above link, with a sturdy cardboard back and a "puffy paper" front, and a built-in easel-prop in the back.  But the process of transformation is the same, regardless of the type of craft frame used.

My first step, shown above,  was to stuff a folded sheet of deli wrap into the frame to protect the inner area while paint is being applied.

Above:  I've used a 1-inch sponge brayer to apply a base boat of acrylic paint.

Looking for a stencil that would yield small areas of color, I auditioned two of my 6"X6" stencils, Marbles 6 (shown on the left, below) and Seaweed 6 (shown on the right, below.)

After choosing Marbles 6 (above left), I got out a color dauber as well as a selection of metallic acrylic paints.

Above:  I've started to apply metallic paint thru the stencil.

Above:  the frame after the first application of metallic acrylic paint.

Above:  A close-up shot during early stages in multiple applications of metallic paint.

Above:  This shot was taken later, as I continued applying paints.

Above:  The final product, after I subdued the metallic paints with another layer of the same acrylic paint used for the base color.  I've added decorative metallic self-adhesive strips and a handmade heart.  This was a birthday gift for a family friend who's an honorary aunt to my grandchildren.  Altho I'm an adult  -- at least in theory! -- this project could easily have been done by children.

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