Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Stencil-Print Scraps for Making Faces!

Here are stencil-made prints that have been cut up and assembled into a face.  

I tested the face against two dissimilar backgrounds before gluing down the pieces:

The top background of the face -- and the nose -- were cut from a print made with Two Vases (9" x 12") stencil.

Each eye was cut from a different print, both prints having been made with Medallion (6" x 6".)

The faces's lower background was cut from a double print -- a yellow bottom layer made with Mimosa Stencil (9" x 12") and a gray top layer made with Sprigs (6" x 6".)  The smiling red mouth was cut from a print made with Medallion (6" x 6".)

Assembling a face using bits of stencil-prints is every bit as much fun as building paper dolls with them!

I used free-hand cut-outs, but for anyone who wants to use a stencil, I suggest this one by Andrew Borloz --

Kunst Mask 2 -- which looks like this: 

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