Wednesday, September 16, 2020

When my 6" x 6" mask Looking Up Through Trees Small was released, I quickly fell in love with the idea of creating mirrored images.

At first, I tried a simple approach:  Making two prints on one 12"- long sheet of paper -- being careful to line up the bottoms of the tree trunks along one side of the mask; the two photos below show my approach; the second is a close-up of the first:

Having made a series of these simple mirror-like prints, I decided that adding complications would make images more complex and satisfying.  And so began a journey toward these art samples ...

Above:  a mixed-media collage that started as a simple double print.   The lower half of the mirrored image has been muted with a layer of translucent acrylic paint (Titan Buff by Golden Paints.) 
Covering that background are collage pieces that came from 3 sources:  (1) a Spin-Art print; (2) another print that I'd made using Looking Up Through Trees Small; (3) a print made with the May 2019 Stencil-of-the-Month set.   These papers shared a color scheme with one another as well as with the double-printed background.  I had fun creating that collage and had the extra pleasure of selling it to someone who's giving it a good home.:-)    

Below are 2 more pieces that'd begun as mirror-like prints ....

The above two horizontal images gained complexity via my returning to them over and over with my 6" x 6" mask Looking Up Through Trees Small.  Each time I used the mask, I turned it in a different direction.  My goal was to create two abstract art samples that most likely will be cut into pieces and worked into new collages.  But other possibilities spring to mind, too!

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