Friday, May 20, 2022

An Idea for Father's Day Cards

 Ready to try something new with your masks?

Both of the paint-on-paper prints above were created using 9" x 12" Prayer Flags L371.

But that was the backgrounds.  How did these 3-dimensional embellishments happen?

First step:  Prayer Flags L371 had, fortunately, become paint-stained blue-and-green during a previous art adventure.  Fortunate, because that tinting meant the mask stayed clearly visible after I covered it with deli paper, waxed side up.  See below....  

Second step:  Working on the waxed side of the deli paper and using 3-dimensional fabric/craft paint -- as you can see below -- I traced some of the lines and geometric shapes that are part of Prayer Flags L371.  I made sure that all my tracing lines were connected to one another, and that all of them were thick and sturdy.  This meant going back over the design in some areas. 

After the 3-dimensional paint had dried, I very carefully pried the design up off the deli paper.  

I then used acrylic matte gel medium to attach the 3-dimensional designs onto the tops of the prints shown at the top of this post.  These two prints became greeting card covers.  Very little gel medium was needed.  I applied it with a cotton swab.

It would be possible to do the same thing with a stencil, but with a stencil, it'd be necessary to draw your own lines across the  "bridges" that hold the stencils' designs together.  A mask works better because all of the connecting lines are there already; no guesswork needed.

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