Wednesday, December 7, 2022

A Tom-Tom for Christmas

When I told my daughter my plan to repurpose an old cardboard canister, decorating it to become a tom-tom for my one-year-old grandson, she asked  "What's a tom-tom?"

Some of America's Indigenous People once made simple drums that, when played, created a sound somewhat like a vocalized "tom-tom."

The cardboard canister, ready to be repurposed.

To make art that commands attention, an important guideline is contrast.

And contrast of bright colors especially delights young ones learning about the world around them.

With contrast as my guiding star, I sorted thru a pile of stencil-printed papers in search of bright colors and contrasting designs.  

My chosen papers got cut into strips.  With masking tape I hung the strips all around the rim of the canister.  For contrast, papers dominated by warm colors (yellows and reds) were placed beside papers dominated by cool colors (greens and blues.)

I used heavy-body medium gel to glue the strips into place.  As a final touch, I used punches to cut circles from other stencil-printed papers, and when I added them, I continued to be guided by color-contrast in choosing placement of each circle.

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