Sunday, December 4, 2022

Sidestep Out!

 Take a sidestep out of the season's hustle and bustle -- for a few minutes of creative fun that's going to rejuvenate you! 

Below is a print I made years ago with light molding paste and my 6" x 6" stencil Heron S175; the background was scrap paper previously used to blot excess paints from other surfaces.

Above:  The heron is barely visible!

Today I got out Golden High Flow Turquoise (Phalto) acrylic paint and a small brush.  I dipped the brush into full-strength paint and swept that along the inner edges of the long-ago-dried molding paste.  While that outlining paint was still wet, I dipped the brush into plain water and used it to tease the color away from the edges and toward the center of the heron.  As the plain water gave the paint permission to flow, the color faded.  This way I added definition to the edges while also reducing the translucency at the center of the heron.  Although I used High Flow acrylics, watercolor would have been my second choice and I would have used it the same way.

Above:  Notice how some of the mottled color of the background remains visible in the center of the image.  To make the image stand out even more, I coated the rest of the background with translucent zinc white acrylic paint.

Thanks for checking out my blog today!  Merry Christmas!  

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