Sunday, March 12, 2023

Have You Thought of These Ways to Use Stencil Prints?

 In a recent post, I had mentioned that my designer friend Judi Kauffman was really good at using a circle cutter for her “Welcome” sign, but she let me know she’d used dies! She used dies for the word Welcome and her birds as well (but hand-cut the feathers they hold in their beaks). She has quite a collection of shapes ranging from simple ovals, circles, and squares to intricate frames, words, and flowers. She uses an AccuCut GrandeMARK for cutting multiple layers, heavier materials and large shapes, and either her beloved vintage Cuttlebug or a Spellbinders Platinum machine for the wafer dies - one layer at a time.

Thank you, Judi, for this education!  There's still a whole lot I don't understand, but I feel I'm inching my way in the right direction on the topic of die cuts!

Something else Judi's taught me has arrived as answer to a long-asked question of mine: "What are more ways to use stencil prints?"

As if reading my mind, Judi shared with me a collection of her artworks made by cutting feather shapes from printed papers, then making cuts all along the edges, leaving central strips to become quills.

Some of Judi's sparkling feathers adorn card fronts and ATCs; others are hanging ornaments; and in the first example below, they glitter inside a 12" x 12" shadowbox frame.

I never would have thought of this way to use stencil-printed papers and I'm delighted not only with what Judi's done but also her precision.

I'll end today's post with yet another way to use stencil prints -- as bookmarks.  The photo below shows a beautiful laminated bookmark that Judi gave me.  In printing, she used aqua and metallic gold paints; in my photo below, the metallic gold appears as yellow --

In making this bookmark, Judi used my 9" x 12" Dangled Pods L490. 

My sincere thanks to Judi and everyone stopping here at my blog today!  To scroll thru the pages of my stencils and masks at, please start here.

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