Monday, March 6, 2023

Unique Idea! Judi Kauffman and Clustered Leaves

My friend Judi Kauffman handed me a wonderful surprise!  She came up with a collection of birds using my 9" x 12" Clustered Leaves L433 with gold metallic acrylic paint -- yes, birds!  Only a clever and creative mind like hers would ever look at Clustered Leaves L433 and say,  "Ah-ha!  Birds!"

Above is 9" x 12" L433 Clustered Leaves I originally viewed the design.  

What Judi did was to give it a 90-degree turn, then turn her imagination loose with that gold metallic acrylic paint on sturdy dark paper.

And here's a close-up:

Notice the feathery cuts on the prize (far left) being flown home by this bird!

Here are two more pieces of Judi's eye candy--


Want to make your own birds and need "eyes" for them?  One place among many to find them is here.

Yes, Judi took me by surprise with her whimsical birds, but, upon sharing these with me, she stirred my memory.  I checked my older file photos to happily find this:


The above hanging ornament was the first artwork by Judi that I had ever shown here.  At that time I hadn't even known who she was.  Judi has mastered the art of cutting "difficult" papers with circle cutters -- a skill that has always eluded me!  Her twin circles came out perfectly.  The red frame is an outstanding way to showcase the inner circle, which Julie cut from a print she made using 9" x 12" L433 Clustered Leaves A welcome message, rubber stamped across the print, is the finishing touch.

Thank you, Judi, for generously sharing your art!  And for showing us how to think outside the box -- so we too can see birds in the clustered leaves!


  1. Cecilia gives me too much credit! The circles are die cut, no skill on my part - the dies do all the work.

  2. LOL....Judi! I am all thumbs with die cuts!