Friday, August 4, 2017

Striking Gold ... with Stencils

For this project, my substrate was 140-lb. hot-press watercolor paper.  I brushed it with a coat of a rich deep gold made by Golden --

After the paint dried, I added stencils with masking tape to hold them secure --

Stencils shown above are (on the far right) my 9" X 12" Borders #2 stencil, 

-- and (bottom left) part of my 9" X 12" Boxed Vines stencil;

and my 6"X6" Mimosa stencil (upper left)

and my 6"X6" Kaleid stencil (top row, middle.)

very lightly pounced thru the stencil openings with a Ranger alcohol ink applicator and just a few drops of Ranger alcohol inks, pictured below.  

Note at the top of this photo:  (L) Bottles of Ranger alcohol inks and (R) the applicator

Below is the sheet of gilded paper after the stencils were lifted off.

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