Monday, August 28, 2017

Young Artists and Words of Wisdom for Every Art Class or Workshop

Gymnastic friends and budding artists, Candace Kieya and Olivia Alexander are the young beauties whose art is featured in today's post.

Pictured here (left) holding up art made with a stencil by Jessica Sporn, Candace says,  "I really like the ancient effect with the dark colors, designs and different stencil prints.  I would definitely do this again!"

And Olivia (right) says "that my plan really wasn't to make beautiful art but to just have fun and learn from my mistakes."

Olivia, I would like to engrave your words in stone!  Your statement should be the motto of every person who participates in an art class or workshop.  To use a trite phrase, you are wise beyond your years!  

Olivia above is posing with art she created with my 6" x 6" stencil Heron.

My sincere thanks to Lisa Dobry for this photo and for her kindness in getting parental permission as well as the girls' comments for posting here.  Lisa, you rock!

I'm also indebted to Lisa for her own thoughts about this art-play-date the two youngsters enjoyed --

What Lisa loved about this whole process with the girls was the creativity of their pieces. 

Candace had never Gelli printed before, so Lisa offered a tutorial on that. 

Suggesting they start with 3 colors, Lisa moved the stencil collection closer to them and let them do their thing. 

Occasionally one would express a desire for something specific like, "I want to put something here."  Lisa then would ask the young artist whether she were thinking something random, or something else that would be more repetitive of what was already there.

Lisa told the girls they could use paint or spray ink; she also explained the difference between water-soluble media and acrylic media. 

The two girls made their own choices on everything. 

Below are photos of the projects after embellishments had been added --

It's always a joy to see young artists in action and to hear their own comments about art-making experiences.  

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