Wednesday, November 13, 2019

New Stencil Released Today

Have you ever stood in a park or forest and looked up thru trees? -- did you have a "John Muir moment," when the glory of creation brought sweet joy into your heart?

Here, you can see my brand-new 9" x 12" stencil that I drew to celebrate the feeling that can fill me when I get a chance to take in this view.

In the first two art samples I'm showing here today, I used another StencilGirl 9" x 12" stencil, Figures Praising, designed by Valerie Sjodin (one of my all-time favorite artists, whose work I had followed long before she delighted me in becoming a fellow designer at StencilGirl!)

The praising figure in the foreground -- Figures Praising, designed by Valerie Sjodin -- was cut from a print I'd made using my stencil Blooming Where Planted.  You can click on this image to enlarge it and better see detail.
The small hearts added to each of the praising figures were cut out with a hole punch.

Moving on ....

Below:  First, I'll show a few "catch-all sheets" which will eventually become fascinating backgrounds for stencil printing ....

Above are just a few examples of the kinds of papers used in my tree prints shown today. 

These "catch-all" sheets accumulate when I'm working on large projects and need to clean my brush.  I wipe the brush clean across scrap papers, rather than rinse it in water that later goes down the sink.  This approach is a better way to go, in helping protect the environment.  

Now, I'll show a series of full-page prints paired with close-ups showing details of each full-sized 9" x 12" print.  I made this series to demonstrate the wide range of looks that can be achieved when you use this brand-new stencil atop paper previously used as a "catch-all" paper for leftover acrylic paints.

Original full-size 9' x 12" print.

Details in a close-up.

Original full-size 9' x 12" print.

Close-up detail number 1.

Close-up detail number 2.

Original full-size 9' x 12" print.

Details in a close-up.

More ways of using this just-released stencil will be posted soon!

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