Saturday, November 30, 2019


Want an idea for a Christmas or Hanukkah gift?  Feast your eyes on these shoes decorated by photographer Kim Ross!  In this gift for her sister-in-law, Kim used acrylic paints and included prints made with my 6" x 6" Cats stencil.  Feel free to click on the photo below to enlarge it and better see details....   

And gifts mean giftbags -- the easy way to giftwrap!

Above:  a collaged giftbag, featuring a star cut from a print made with 6" x 6" stencils Sprigs and Trivet A.  Below is a close-up:

Above:  a collaged giftbag created with a cut-out from a print made using Quilted Flower Garden.  The center of each flower has been embellished with red glitter glue (Rangers Industries.)  Clicking on the photo above, you can better see details.

Below:  two photos of a collaged giftbag made with a cut-out from a stencil-print on gold metallic giftwrap paper using Tiger Lily, a 6" x 6" stencil.  The first photo shows the bag in its entirety.  The second shows a close-up taken from a side view to show off the gold metallic giftwrap under the acrylic paints.

Today's final giftbag is one of my favorites because it's collage paper is cut from another print on gold metallic giftwrap paper.  This time, I used my 9" x 12" Winter Berries Mask to make the print.  I especially like the way this pattern mimics garland around the tree.  The trunk is cut from paper printed with my 6" x 6" stencil Sprigs.

Many thanks for taking time to come here today!  To scroll thru the pages of my StencilGirl stencils and masks, please start here.

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