Sunday, April 24, 2022

Abstract Composition Backbones Masks

 Abstract Composition Backbones Masks s864 - s867 continue to invite me to new explorations.  

Today's art-making adventure began with me scissor-customizing some masks -- removing them from their original 6" x 6" frames, and in some cases, cutting into the shapes themselves to split one original design into two.  Then I went to work with s864....

Above:  s864 (stained black from an earlier experiment) was placed onto watercolor paper.  A length of thin masking tape was added to the central area, and a light glaze of pink was sponged over the tape.  (The glaze was a mixture of magenta pink and acrylic matte gel.)

Below:  The masking tape was removed, and the customized s864 was then moved slightly to the left of its original position on the paper.

Above, additional strips of masking tape were used to connect the elongated shape to the top, bottom and right side of the paper.  Glaze was sponged on, over the pieces of tape; then the tape was lifted off.

Below, the paper was rotated 180 degrees, because I like to look at artworks-in-progress from more angles than one.  The original orientation may end up being changed.  A good abstract should please the viewer's eye from any of the four possible orientations.    

More pink glaze was added as I continued to move the customized mask to new locations ....

Below:  s867, also scissor-customized, was placed atop the pink glazed paper.

My next step was to sponge-apply a second color, as shown below --

A third color was added ....

... and, starting with this addition of pink, I began to develop areas in the same color scheme established, but in darker shades, with a goal in mind -- to finish with three shades of color, from light to medium to dark.

The photo below shows more of this range in values, now established across the entire piece.

But at this stage, I felt the range in values didn't yet go dark enough for good overall balance, so I decided to add small collage papers.  The dark pink paper below, previously printed with my 9" x 12" Vases Stencil L144, had turned out to have the exact shade of dark pink that I'd wanted.

Above:  the small pieces of colorful collage papers began to multiply across the piece.  I especially liked the textured yellow papers (created with textured wallpaper samples, stained yellow.)  


Above:  the final artwork, which included a few areas of paint spatter as well as some additional white outlining, done with an opaque white marker pen.

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