Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Center Stage: Judy Kauffman

Career artist Judi Kauffman knows how to push all of my "delight" buttons!  I'm beyond happy to show more of her artwork here today! 

The idea for this project came to Judi when she was gifted some business-size envelopes.  

Judi's first step was to seal flaps down, permanentlyclosing each envelope that she wanted to use in this project.

Then she made a pair of diagonal cuts on each envelope, as shown below:

Above:  On the far left is a diagram of one finished bookmark being used on a book page.  A photo of the same image is coming up below.

Having finished with the cutting, Judi then inserted parchment paper into each triangular pocket before painting, to keep the  matching sides of each triangular shape from sticking together during paint application.  Below:  A photo repeating what is shown at far left in the diagram above.


Above:  Judi used part of my Fire Cherries Mask L879 (9" x 12") in creating this clever bookmark.

Altho my first guess had been that Judi had used a gel plate for these projects, it'd been a guess that missed the mark.  Instead, Judi used paints with a couple of applicators:  sponges and traditional stencil brushes.  In some cases, she also used a cheap, wide brush for dry-brushing.

Above:  an example of dry-brushing.  The darker red-orange streaks (across a yellow-orange background) were created with a stiff-bristled brush that I'd dipped -- sparingly -- into red-orange acrylic paint.  Dry-brushing is done with a light touch as the bristles are swept across the paper.  Want more detail on dry brushing? It's here)

Today's first series of photos features some of the one-of-a-kind bookmarks that Judi created.   

In the three photos above,  each design comes from Judi having used parts of my 9" x 12" Winter Berries Mask L677.

Below:  Still working with that bundle of envelopes, Judi went on to experiment with whole-envelope designs, making her prints with a combination of my 9" x 12" Tangled Pods Stencil L344  (blue) and 9" x 12" Nosegay Stencil L335 (black.)

On another envelope, Judi created layers of gray, blue and black, each made using 9" x 12" Tangled Pods Stencil L344....

Below:  4 partial prints that Judi created with my Fire Cherries Mask L879 (9" x 12")

Above:  I love Judi's delicious blend of monochromatic browns against a rust-like background!

In their entirety, each of today's stencils and masks looks like this--

 9" x 12" Fire Cherries Mask L879

9" x 12" Tangled Pods Stencil L344

9" x 12" Nosegay Stencil L335

9" x 12" Winter Berries Mask L677

Bushel baskets of thanks go to Judi Kauffman, for allowing me to show her artworks and her diagram here!  To see more of Judi's art, scroll down thru older posts to the post of March 28.

And more thank-you's to everyone taking time to check out my blog today!

To scroll thru the pages of my stencils and masks at, please start here.

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