Friday, June 17, 2022

Grab-bag of Ideas with Stencils

Below:   A beautiful bullet journal cover was created by artist Cheetarah Cheda -- whose name is as pretty as her artwork!

I've enlarged the above photo (courtesy of Cheetarah Cheda) so that the textured surface of  her journal cover is more clearly visible.  Unless I'm mistaken, Cheetarah has used one of my two Marbles stencils -- 

Marbles 6 Stencil s080 (6" x 6")

Marbles 9 Stencil L156 (9" x 12")

Next in today's line-up:  a stretched canvas that I painted using Palm Fronds Silhouette Small s238 (6" x 6") and Palm Fronds Silhouette Mini M050 (4" x 4").

My first step in creating the painting above was to spread the surface with a uniform layer of Titanium White liquid acrylic paint.  Having a bottom layer of bright white paint makes stencil prints stand out dramatically.  The tool I used to add this coat of paint was a drywall taping knife.  This knife comes in several widths, so I used one that was slightly larger than the 12" x 12" stretched canvas.  With a little practice, the knife makes it possible to create a uniformly flat surface.

I used Golden High Flow paints to develop the painting.  These paints, like alcohol inks, work especially well on a slick, even surface that's been prepared this way.

Today's post ends with a print I made using Ornamental Iron Curls s462 (6" x 6") and Prayer Flags L371 (9" x 12").

 Ornamental Iron Curls s462 (6" x 6")

 Prayer Flags L371 (9" x 12")

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