Friday, December 4, 2020

A scattering of earlier years' favorite Christmas cards and a stocking-stuffer gift --

Above:  This 6" x 6" Christmas card started with dark green paper.  A commercial sticker sparkles at the center of this print created by applying red acrylic paint thru my 6" x 6" Quilted Flower Garden

Below:  This card was developed with the same stencil that had starred in creating one of my Thanksgiving cards.  But this time, it was modeling paste that I spread thru the stencil's openings.  As soon as I lifted off the stencil, I placed it in a basin of water to keep it wet until cleaning time.  3-dimensional media such as modeling paste should be removed from stencils before it can harden; unlike many plain acrylic paints, 3-dimensional media can partially or completely clog stencil openings.  After the modeling paste had dried I added silver glitter glue to the leaves.  My metallic bronze background is a greeting card blank from  Stencil used:  Pressed Leaves (6" x 6").

The palm-sized, blank-paged journal below came from a dollar store; its front and back cardboards were already covered with textured gold metallic papers.  To further decorate its front, I used green acrylic paint and part of my 6" x 6" Ornamental Iron Curls.  In my experience, the easiest way to use part of a stencil or mask is to cover the unneeded areas with masking tape.

Below:  6" x 6" Ornamental Iron Curls in its entirety looks like this --

A similar design is also available in Artist Trading Card size, as one of nine stencils included in ATC Mixup Swatton # 2.....

6" x 6" Ornamental Iron Curls was also used in printing papers that I cut into pillar candle shapes for more Christmas card covers.  Above each candle, I added an orange flame-shaped paper embellished with red glitter glue:

Today's next Christmas card memory, below, started with another print that I pared down with scissors:  9" x 12" Winter Berries Mask.  After cutting out a 6" x 6" square from that larger print, I used a gluestick to add a slender dark green background to become a frame for another pillar candle.  This candle had been cut from foil giftwrap paper that I'd printed using both my 6" x 6" Mimosa 6 stencil as well as my 9" x 12" Winter Berries Stencil.

Winter Berries Stencil (used in printing the lower half of the pillar candle) looks like this, in its entirety --

... and its reverse image, Winter Berries Mask (used with red acrylic paint) looks like this --

The striped top of that pillar candle was printed using my 6" x 6" Mimosa 6, which looks like this in its entirety --

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