Saturday, June 15, 2013

A book You'll Want!

Clever, creative ideas from fourteen artists pack the 90 pages of Exploring the Latest Trends in Mixed Media Art, Vol. II, by Sherre Hulbert and Cynthia Powell.

This collection of projects -- 46 in all -- includes titles like Garden Glamor Apron, Flowerful Crocheted Hat, Gone Are the Days Altered Coffee Table, and Shop in Style Market Bag ... and this is only a sample!
Bright, large photos led the way as the book invited me to make old wooden hangers look gorgeous; to jazz a garment way up with a lush neckline of silkscreened peacock feathers under beaded lace and loops of ribbon; to create a plethora of unique wall-hanging and shelf-sitting artworks; even to create an eye-catching, weatherproof sculpture for the garden.
The ideas in this book can keep an artist productive, creative and happy for years!
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