Friday, August 31, 2018

Gift Bags Decorated with Stencil-Prints!

I've made the happy discovery that plain white gift bags can be bought very cheaply!  If I remember correctly, I found mine at  But I've also seen them at art/craft stores like Michaels.

Below are three of the prints I've made on pages of old encyclopedias.  I chose pages with botanical illustrations so that there would be some rhyme-and-reason to the finished look.  To make these three prints, I used my 6" x 6" Ginkgo stencil.

After the prints dried, I cut them out, then used a gluestick to add them to both sides of the gift bags.  I added other prints as well, as shown below ...

Above:  Another 6" x 6" stencil, Swatton Flowers Version 1, was used to make this print.

Above:  Silhouette of a Wildflower Bouquet Stencil (also 6" x 6") was used to make this print.

Above:  This print was made with 9' x 12" Thistles Stencil, placed over a print originally made with 9" x 12" Fantasia Stencil and 6" x 6" Tiger Lily stencil.  These details can be better seen if you click on this image to enlarge it.

My full line of stencils, including ones used today, are on pages that start here.

My sincere thanks for your taking time to stop by this blog today!

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