Saturday, October 6, 2018

Mary Ann Russo and Her Talented Paintbrush!

Mary Ann Russo recently began working at Huber Woods Environmental Center in Middletown, NJ -- and brought along her creative ideas.

One result of this month's painting by Mary Ann is what you see below --

In times long gone, people were punished by having their heads placed in "the stocks"  --

Happily, stocks are no longer used as punishment.  But the basic idea has remained with us, morphed into something much more pleasant.  At carnivals and many other entertainment areas, kids and adults can find today's benign version -- life-size paintings (usually of people) with holes cut out for faces.  

And this is the reason Mary Ann's scarecrow painting has no faces!  

They are about to become holes so that Huber Woods visitors can enjoy sticking their heads thru the holes and having their photos taken.

In Mary Ann's photo, at the top of this post, I've added a white circle to draw attention to this detail on the smaller scarecrow --

Mary Ann delighted me by using one of my "trivet" series of stencils to create this knee-patch.

Trivet A 9 Stencil (9" x 12")

To scroll thru the pages of my StencilGirl stencils -- including the trivet series -- please start here.
My hearty thanks to Mary Ann Russo for allowing me to post her artwork here!
And thanks to everyone stopping by this blog today!

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