Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Still Exploring Metallics used with Stencils

I've long had on hand some sheets of multi-color imitation gold leaf and, to go with it, several kinds of foiling glue.  When my 6"x 6" stencil Pair O' Parrots was released, I decided it was time to bring out those aging art supplies ... inspired by the brightly iridescent feathers of these beautiful birds.  My take on that bright iridescence is decidedly an abstraction from what's seen in real life ...   

There are two basic kinds of foil on the market.  The kind I used is the ultra-thin type, called "imitation gold leaf" -- click here to see the type I used. 

There are several adhesives that work with imitation gold leaf.  Click here to see one of the most easy-to-find brands.

Above are four greeting cards all created the same way:  I applied the adhesive thru the stencil openings, then quickly placed the stencils into a basin of Windex-water mix, to keep leftover glue from drying on the stencils. 

After waiting for the foiling adhesive to reach its tacky stage -- about 10 minutes, depending on how heavily the glue has been applied -- I carefully lowered a multi-color sheet of imitation gold leaf over the entire surface.  

I applied pressure with my fingertips to secure the leaf to the tacky areas; then I continued to rub the other areas to lift off the larger unwanted pieces. 

My next step was to remove small leftover bits of imitation gold leaf with a soft brush.

Some artists use GAC 100 to seal the foil as a final step.  I skipped doing that since these are greeting cards, not artworks on canvas.  To see another type of sealant, click here

Beginners may find the other type of foil easier to use, since it's less fragile.  Lots of tutorials showing how to use this alternative are available on YouTube; to find them, search "foiling."

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