Friday, February 22, 2019

The Many Faces of WINTER BERRIES

Developing the art sample below, I started with Winter Berries Stencil, printing thru it onto a red background.  After that layer dried, I placed Winter Berries Mask over the paper and ran over it several times with a sponge brayer loaded with heavy-body translucent yellow acrylic paint.  The translucency allows glimpses of the background show.

The art sample above was created on stretched canvas with Winter Berries Mask and a few glass pebbles, along with aqua and blue Golden High Flow acrylics.

Below is a greeting card cover created using Winter Berries Mask and spray watercolors.  The decorated wooden heart was added (with an embellishment-strength glue-stick) after the watercolors had dried.

Above is another artwork on stretched canvas.  My tools were Winter Berries Mask, some glass pebbles and Golden High Flow acrylic paint.  These glass pebbles are the kind that usually decorate the bottoms of fish aquariums.  They're responsible for the bigger circles in the painting above.

The art below was created with Winter Berries Stencil.  The stencil was heavily covered with red acrylic paint, having just been used to make a red print on another paper.  While this heavy-body paint was still wet, I turned the stencil over and pressed it to an old sheet of red and lavender printed paper -- using it the same way as a rubber stamp is used, to make this reverse print:

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