Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Nancy Sanderson Curry Does Magic with Black and White

I can't string together enough glowing words for Nancy Sanderson Curry, but she's easily worth every word of praise listed in the thesaurus.  

Nancy has kindly sent me a couple of photos to post here. 

Above: Nancy used my 6" x 6" Abstract Composition Backbones Mask s864 as a frame for this line of silver embellishments and the song title  spelled out here. 

Above:  Nancy used my 6" x 6" S462 Ornamental Iron Curls on the upper right and middle left.  The bold central musical notation symbol was created with Nancy's 6" x 6" stencil s257 Allegro Clef.

These beauties, like the art photography of Ansel Adams, show the power of bold black against bright white.  

And they correspond with Nancy Curry's how-to write-up that you can find here.

My hearty thanks to Nancy and to readers visiting my blog today!

Nancy's stencils at StencilGirl Products are here.

To scroll thru my stencils and masks at StencilGirl Products, please start here.  

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