Wednesday, August 24, 2022

 Hot Air Balloons are my stencil-and-masks sets available at  The larger sheet, containing both mask and stencil, measures 6" x 6" and the smaller, 4" x 4".  Except for size, they're identical.  The graphic below has the right-side mask removed from the sheet and placed to the right--

Today's post starts with an imprint made with the 6"x 6" stencil -- but before reaching for the hot air balloon, I'd created its background, using the traditional sponge-daubing/pouncing approach to apply brownish acrylic paint thru my 6" x 6" Swatton Grid Stencil s077.

For the balloon, I used a sponge dipped sparingly in heavy-bodied Titanium White.  Applied with a pouncing motion, this heavy-bodied paint produced subtle peaks and valleys.  Once dry, the paint gave me a textured surface that easily accepted Pan Pastels.  

Swatton Grid Stencil s077 looks like this --

More prints made with my 6" x 6" Hot Air Balloon s547 stencil ...

The background above is a monoprint.  The balloon was added with sponge-daubing Titanium White heavy-body paint thru the stencil.

The above background is a vintage paper coated with acrylic paint.  The balloon was added in the same way as described earlier.

The above background is a sheet of foreign newsprint (comics page), previously painted green with acrylic paint.  I've collaged this to the cover of a 6" x 6" blank fold-over greeting card made with metallic bronze cardstock.

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