Thursday, July 13, 2017

I Love Orange with SASSY SPRAY Stencil!

Below is an early version of a painting that has now been re-worked ... and still needs more final touches.  This "start" was made with my 6" x 6" stencil Sassy Spray, following directions given in Pat Dews' DVD Designing Great Starts with Texture and Form (Cheap Joe's Art Stuff.)  

(Note:  I altered my stencil -- only a little -- with Joyce Chen scissors.)  

The reason I'm still working on this piece is that I decided it needed more contrast as well as an introduction of complementary color.  Since the piece is only 9" x 12" (on stretched canvas) I had at first thought one color family sufficed.  But since then I've changed my mind.

Below is another piece created with the same stencil; I've decided that it, too, needs more development.  I'm still mulling over what to do ...

Sassy Spray looks like this before it gets scissor-altered --

To see all my stencils, please visit here.

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