Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Jam Paper Products' Blank Greeting Cards with Stencils

5.75" X 5.75" blank greeting cards from JAM* are a perfect fit for use with my 6"X6" stencils -- but this time, I've used part of my 9"X12" Nosegay stencil with one of JAM's dark bronze metallic fold-over blank cards.  With a Sofft Art Sponge I applied bright red, heavy-body acrylic paint thru my stencil, having first secured both the card and the stencil with masking tape, to hold them in place while I applied paint.

JAM makes bifold (also called "foldover") blank greeting cards in a wide range of sizes; one other size is 5"X7", in another dark color; these are on non-metallic cardstock.  I like card blanks that are already filled with color, ready to go -- having them on hand certainly saves time!

 Since the above card measures 5"X7", I used only a portion of my 9"X12" stencil Buds with the same paint and applicator as on the earlier card.  The only difference is that I added daubs of red-gold glitter as a finishing touch.

Below are these two stencils shown in their full 9"X12" sizes:


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*I recommend JAM's foldover cards because they are made with cardstock sturdy enough to stand up to mixed-media use.  

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