Friday, October 20, 2017

TIGER LILY, Third Brand-New Stencil at

The July/August 2017 Somerset Studio magazine carried Mary Beth Shaw's write-up about using silhouette stencils with patterned stencils.

Following Mary Beth's directions, I came up with this:

The "silhouette" stencil in this case is my 9" x 12" stencil Fantasia.  It left unpainted areas on the substrate (a colorful old map.)

The two 6" x 6" stencils that I paired with Fantasia are brand-new releases -- Sprigs (topmost in the image above) and Tiger Lily (bottom).

Mary Beth's technique is quick and easy:  

(1) Secure the substrate to the work area with masking tape; 

(2) use the same tape to layer the "silhouette" stencil atop the substrate.  (In the magazine article, Mary Beth used my Heron stencil and my Osprey Wings stencil -- both of which are closer to what we think of when we say "silhouette."  Here however, I chose to use Fantasia because I was curious to discover what the result would be.)

(3) Add a layer of acrylic paint over the stencil that's fastened to the substrate under it. (For this, I used a sponge brayer loaded with heavy-body blue paint.)

(4) After that paint dries, add one or more stencils with densely figured patterns; use masking tape to hold them down, if desired.

(5) Using a different color acrylic paint, go over the top layer of stencils.  (I used another sponge brayer, loaded with heavy-body white paint .)

Here are two close-ups of the above print:

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