Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Focusing on 6" x 6" Mask GARDEN AT NEMOURS

Today's post features Garden at Nemours Mask, which measures 6" x 6".  The art sample above was created on an old paper scrap that I'd previously painted and covered with random scribbles.

Below is a similar print, this one made on old newsprint that had been partially spattered with sprays of acrylic paint.

The art above was printed on another sheet of old newsprint, which has been previously painted with zinc white acrylic paint, which is translucent, allowing some of the print to show.

The sample below was a double-print made with this mask.  The first print shows up faintly in the center-to-mid-right, near the top.  

Today's final sample, above, was created on an old sheet of paper that had been painted and scribbled over.  

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