Thursday, July 11, 2019

Nothing's Ever a Waste

I believe nothing is ever a waste!  If a stencil-print turns out in a way that disappoints me, I look for a way to make lemonade from the lemon.

Today's post springs from an experience I had using my 9"x 12"stencil Boxed Vines... 

When I found myself with a less-than-perfect Gelli Plate print -- made with this stencil and a deep dark red acrylic paint -- I asked myself,  "Where can I go from here?"  

I decided to disguise the flaws.  I mixed modeling paste with silver metallic powder, then used a small plastic spatula to spread a thin layer of this textured silver paint over most of the flawed Gelli Plate print.   

With the same spatula , I covered the rest of the flawed print with a thin layer of reflective silver acrylic paint.  

Once the two silvery paints had dried, I cut the images into pieces to fit my 6"x 6" dark-bronze blank greeting cards (  As a last step, I added swirls and dots with glitter glue...

Because this deep bronze metallic cardstock is very dark, I sometimes line the insides of the cards with lightweight papers, cut to fit, as shown below -- 

Other times, instead of using a paper liner like the one above, I use white marker-pens for adding my message inside these greeting cards.

The main reason I like to use 6" x 6" greeting card blanks is that they perfectly fit my 6" x 6" stencils and masks.  But, beyond that, I like the square shape, even for projects like today's, which could fit on any size greeting card (or art journal page.)

However, since the Postal Service has a non-machinable surcharge for mailing 6"x 6" cards, I use two Forever stamps when mailing them.

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