Thursday, September 12, 2019

More Prints with 4" x 4" Set of Mini Stencils/Masks

 The photo below is a close-up of black cardstock that became background for spreading heavy-body matte gel medium thru a stencil using an old credit card.  After the gel had dried, I dry-brushed over the raised areas with silver metallic acrylic paint.  In this blog post, I give step-by step photos and directions on the dry-brushing technique.

The 3-dimensional imprint above was made with M and Y (m267), one of my two 4" x 4" mini stencils/masks --

M and Y, measuring 4" x 4" (m267)

R and E, measuring 4" x 4" (m268)

M and Y (m267) was also the stencil I chose for making the first two prints below:

The background was highly textured with several heavy body acrylic paints, mashed with an old credit card to form peaks and valleys.  After that had dried, I used M and Y with a mix of zinc white  (translucent) acrylic paint and Titanium White (opaque) acrylic paint.

Light magenta acrylic paint mixed with white molding paste, applied to dark blue cardstock.  Metallic gold crayon was added to two corners after the paint had dried.

R and E (m268) was the stencil/mask that I used in creating the two prints below:

Borders:  metallic crayon; print:  light magenta acrylic paint mixed with white molding paste.

Bottom layer:  gold metallic acrylic paint.  Top layer:  Titanium White (opaque) acrylic paint.

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