Thursday, September 5, 2019

Backgrounds for Print-Making with Stencils

Today's post trots out still more art samples created using my two brand-new StencilGirl stencils.  These minis of 4" x 4" each can also be called masks; in my opinion, that's what they actually are.   

M and Y, measuring 4" x 4" (m267)

R and E, measuring 4" x 4" (m268)

Using pre-printed backgrounds can add a jog of excitement to prints made with stencils.  Pre-printed background papers can certainly include papers you've prepared yourself.  But in this post I'll focus on using old picture calendar pages, old magazine picture pages and the like.

For starters, I've chosen flyleaf pages from old encyclopedias and other old books.  The photo below shows one of those flyleaf papers (originally printed with a pattern of marbled paper) ... it forms the background for this print created using m268 R and E .

Another "borrowed" background gives pizzazz to today's second print 
made with m268 R and E --

Below, a different flyleaf paper, also pre-printed with a marbled design, has been used with m267 M and Y.

Above is one more "borrowed" background that jazzes up this print 
made with m267 M and Y .

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