Thursday, December 3, 2020

My 2020 Christmas cards, as usual, depart from designs associated with typical Christmas cards. 

Each year I challenge myself to make cards using an eclectic mix of stencils and/or masks.

Today's post opens with three cards that were created with stickers, green paper doilies, Dresden embellished foils, marbled background papers and prints made on sparkling white cardstock, using my 6" x 6" Hot Air Balloon and Mask (This stencil-and-mask set also comes in a mini 4" x 4" size.  Additionally, an Artist Trading Card size is  included as one of 9 stencils in 12" x 9" ATC Mixup Swatton # 1.)

The prints on each of the three cards above were created with a homemade mixture of metallic gold pigment powder and heavy gloss gel.  I applied this mixture liberally thru the stencil, leaving rough textures on all three prints.  Altho I had used Dresden embellished foils on the top two cards, the third balloon card, directly above, was garnished with trim cut from a gold metallic doily.  After gluing the trim around the balloon, I added dots of red glitter glue.  

Below:  More Dresden embellished foil, as well as glitter glue, decorate this card which features a double-print on Christmas song-paper.  Both prints, one with green acrylic paint and another with red acrylic, were made with 6" x 6" Ornamental Iron Curls.  When making the second print, I turned the mask to face a different direction from the first print.


Coming up next:  My first step in making the card below was to print metallic silver paper by applying red acrylic paint thru my 6" x 6" Seaweed 6 Stencil.  After cutting out that print (with decorative edging scissors by Fiskars), I glued it to a metallic silver greeting card blank from  Then I cut out shapes from gold marbled green paper; and as I glued them to the silver paper, I arranged them into the shape of an angel.  The angel's wings and halo are pieces of Dresden embellished foil.  My last step was to spread iridescent glitter glue around the angel, using a cotton swab.    

The card below was printed with my 6" x 6" Heron --

Today's final series of cards are below.

The above Christmas ball started as silver metallic paper printed with red acrylic paint and my 4" x 4 " R & ETo get a round shape, I traced a circle around a plastic container; then I used fine-detail scissors to make the cut-out.  The top loop and the squiggles were made with glitter glue. I followed the same steps in creating the card below, except that this time I made the print using my 6" x 6" Swatton Grid Stencil.


My 4' x 4" M & Y was used in developing the card below.  Its loop as well as the loop and other decorations on the card above were pieces of Dresden embellished foil, which I apply with the same gluestick that I used in adding the cut-out balls to the greeting card covers.  

The glitter glue I use is made by Ranger Industries.  Dresden embossed foils are available from several Etsy vendors and from Amazon.

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