Tuesday, December 8, 2020

 It's really easy to make pillar candle Christmas cards!  This image is my favorite for this special season, celebrating the Light that has come into our world.

And today's first card is full of bling!  

First, I made a print on holographic giftwrap paper using my 9" x 12" mask Facets ....

.... then I cut the 9" x 12" print into columns of the right width and length to star at center stage on my "metallic"-sheen  greeting card blanks that measure 6" x 6" (from JamPaper.com.)

The finished card, above, shows that I gave it additional bling when I used a gluestick to add a circle of Dresden embellished foil (available at Etsy and Amazon, among others.)

The flame was freehand cut from yellow-orange and red papers.

Most of my "candle flames" are freehand cut from edges of papers that I've stencil-printed using yellow, red and orange acrylic paints.  But I sometimes use foil papers; for example, the background yellow frame in the card below was cut from an old Christmas card that'd been printed on gold-foil cardstock:

Above:  This pillar candle was cut from a print made with iridescent ("metallic") gold acrylic paint and my 6" x 6" Palm Fronds Silhouette Small.  The greeting card blank (likewise from JamPaper.com) is "metallic" blue.  (I use the term "metallic" to indicate anything with a sheen.  In the case of paints, this sheen comes from finely ground mica, a mineral with a reflective surface.)

Below is a pillar candle that started with a gold "flame" cut from textured gold foil.  The candle itself was cut from paper that had been printed multiple times; the top print was made with red acrylic paint and my 6" x 6" mask Pavilion Shadows.... 

Besides making my own Christmas cards, I enjoy making giftbags.  The first one below features a freehand-cut star that I cut from paper stencil-printed multiple times.  The top-layer print was done with red acrylic paint and my 6" x 6" mask Sprigs:


The giftbag above was decorated with a freehand-cut Christmas tree that had started as a full-page print made with my 9" x 12" Winter Berries Mask and red acrylic paint.

Today's last Christmas giftbag was decorated with a tree freehand-cut from a collage.  I'd developed the collage by cutting a variety of stencil-printed papers into small pieces, then randomly reassembling the pieces and gluing them to a light cardstock background.  This happens to be my favorite giftbag because, to my eye, there's something festive in this randomly arranged collage.

I buy plain white giftbags here.  If you like giftboxes better than giftbags, here is one place to find them.

My 9" x 12" Winter Berries Mask in its entirety looks like this--

My 6" x 6" mask Sprigs in its entirety looks like this:

In its entirety, my 6" x 6" mask Pavilion Shadows looks like this....

My 6" x 6" Palm Fronds Silhouette Small in its entirety looks like this:

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