Thursday, July 22, 2021

Garden Montage!

Barbara McLawhorn is an artist from StencilGirl StencilClub whose work, I'm happy to say, has been featured here before.  This time, Barbara has used my 9" x 12" mask Garden Montage.

To show Barbara's 2-page art journal spread, I've turned her photo sideways, so you can better see its intricate, subtly beautiful details, below.


The artwork above started as two sheets that Barbara had Gelli Plate printed.  She glued the two together on a support-paper background.  Nearly matching already, because they'd come from the same printing session, the two newly joined papers were then touched up with direct stenciling to achieve more overall unity.  One detail that I especially like:  the black dots clustering around some of the imagery; these were created during the Gelli printing process.

My 9" x 12" mask Garden Montage has also seen a lot of use here at my own hands, lately.  Below is a series of greeting cards that I've collaged with papers printed using this mask.  After making multiple printed sheets with a wide range of colors, I started cutting the sheets into rectangles, squares and strips.  Then I had fun putting together colors that don't "match" but, to my eye, look great together.  

Above:  Horizontally across part of the top is a green and blue print made with a 6" x 6" stencil of mine, Mimosa 6.

Above:  A purple and gray print in the left center was made using my 9" x 12" mask Facets.

Above:  The white and blue narrow vertical strip on the far left was printed using my 6" x 6" Sprigs.

Two of the greeting card collages above were embellished with metallic stickers by Dazzles/Paper Wishes.  Sometimes I use the foil strips as they come; other times, I customize them using my paper cutter, to create strips thinner than the originals.

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