Thursday, December 2, 2021

Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

 Flipping thru my collection of stencil- and mask-printed papers, I unearthed prints I'd made with gold interference acrylic paint on glossy black cardstock.  One of the designs caught my eye because I could visualize it trimmed down to Christmas tree shape.

In the lower left above, I've placed my Christmas tree template atop a print I'd made using ATC Mixup Swatton # 1 L768 (which measures a total of 9" x 12" and contains 9 stencils of Artist Trading Card-sized stencils, as well as bonus masks.)  

It's easy to draw a template for a Christmas tree -- on scratch paper, combine a small rectangle under a larger triangle.  My trees are symmetrical but that's only personal choice.  "Wonky" or "lopsided" trees can be a lot of fun!

I used a red pen to trace Christmas tree shapes on two of these prints.  After cutting out both, I mounted them on textured background paper, which then was glued to red blank greeting cards (from 

Paper Wishes stickers are my favorite way of adding glitz to Christmas decorations of all kinds.  In the two photos above,  these stickers supplied the snowflake-stars and lengths of garland.  Altho it doesn't show easily in photos, these bits of glitz are highly reflective.

In its entirety, ATC Mixup Swatton # 1 L768 looks like this--

More ideas for Christmas fun are coming up!  Thanks for checking out my blog today; to scroll thru the pages of my StencilGirl stencils and masks, please start here.

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