Monday, September 12, 2022

Starting today's project, I used green masking tape to secure my 9"X 12" stencil Mimosa L141 to a sheet of foreign newsprint that I'd previously coated with red acrylic paint.

Next, I started using a blue pencil to trace around the shapes contained within the stencil's frame.  The open areas in this stencil made that easy since lots of "negative" space exists around the elements that form the design.  The photo below shows where the blue outlining has begun.

Above:  The stencil has been lifted off.  What remains is the blue outlining.

Above:  I'm using 3-dimensional craft paint in a squeeze bottle to trace along all of the penciled blue outlines.

Above:  This is what the piece looked like after all of the 3-dimensional outlining was done.  I set it aside to dry overnight before moving forward.

My next step was to pull out my 12" x 14" Gelli Plate.  I used a soft rubber brayer to cover its surface with yellow-green open acrylic paint. 

Then I pressed the textured paper face-down into the wet paint.  When I lifted it again, it had left an imprint in the wet paint remaining on the plate.

I pressed fresh white paper onto the plate and burnished its back-side with my hands.  When I pulled up the paper, I got these results:

Above:  An interesting background paper for an art journal page.

I continued making prints with an assortment of colors.  

At the end of the session, my paper with the 3-dimensional paint outlining looked like this--

Above:  I had intended to use this piece only as an art-making tool, but after several printings, it took on a look that makes it an artwork in itself!

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