Friday, December 30, 2022

A Karen Hale Video!

Happy dance!  Karen Hale has once again delighted me by using one of my masks in developing a series of paintings -- 9" x 12" Prayer Flags L371.

9" x 12" Prayer Flags L371


For starters in today's post, here are three of the four in Karen's new series: Remnant of the Past 1, Remnant of the Past 2 and Remnant of the Past 3:

Above:  Karen used the mask in the upper central area , starting at the with a fairly bold print, then moving down thru the central area with a subtle print. I like the "echo effect" that Karen's achieved this way; to my eye, it helps unify the piece.

Above:  Karen used the mask in the central area with a subtle print -- and combined it with other intriguing shapes that were achieved in a surprising way. (More info on that, in a minute!)

Above:  Here, Karen has used the mask in the most subtle way of all, hinting of its imagery in the central left area, while again combining it with mysterious squares that enrich the overall painting.

Here comes the best part of today's post!  

I'll share a video made by Karen. It's a long video -- well worth every minute.

Karen takes an intuitive approach to developing her abstracts, but years of professional experience fuels her intuition. 

Notice in the video that she starts with a base that represents a version of each of the primary colors:  yellow, blue and red.

Notice also, later in the video, that she uses a T-square to line up the mica tiles

Altho it's not shown in the video, I speculate that as a nearly last step, Karen adds another partial layer of thick, near-white medium and, while it's still wet, presses in part of Prayer Flags L371.  You can see the results by taking another look at the three paintings at the top of this post.  Karen's subtle touch with this mask makes these artworks sing!

Okay!  Here's a video made by Karen to feature part of her painting process.  Notice that, periodically, helpful blurbs appear as the video moves along.

Please note that these paintings of Karen's are available for purchase! Click here --

Please let Karen know if you have any questions:

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