Sunday, December 11, 2022

A New Year's Greeting by Judi Kauffman

 Dangled Pods L490 is the 9" x 12" stencil that was picked by my friend Judi Kauffman when she set out to make her 2023  mailings to friends and family.  Instead of sending cards in December, Judi sends calendar cards in early January, wishing the lucky recipients "Happy New Year!"  

This stencil, used with gold metallic paint, is Judi's starting point on this project.

Sturdy black cardstock supports each piece and doubles as a frame slightly thinner than 1/8 inch.  The star feature of each piece is a small calendar from, and in supporting decorative roles are dragonfly brads (available at many online venues; shop around!) 

Judi punched a hanging hole at the top of each piece, making it display-ready for those who want to display it on a wall. Some recipients use a magnet to cover that hole when they put their calendars on their refrigerators.  And because she has a few friends who ask for easel backs, some of her mailings arrive with them.

Feast your eyes:  

Notice the gold flitter surrounding the calendar.

Now for the detailed close-ups:

My sincere thanks to Judi for sending these photos and describing her unique project!  Happy 2023, everyone!

 Dangled Pods L490 (9" x 12") -- one of four in my pods series of stencils and masks -- looks like this....

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