Monday, January 1, 2018

Coincidence of the Keys

This month's StencilClub members have been delighted to receive a set of three stencils, all featuring beautifully crafted designs of keys and locks.

I was stunned by the coincidence that my first post for the New Year happened to be a sort of tip-toe trip around the same kind of theme! 

I've designed three borders stencils, each of them containing three borders and each measuring 9" x 12".  The middle stencil in this series, Swatton Borders # 2, has one border that I had designed for edges of art journal pages ...

And today's post shows two ways I've used this stencil's center border, keys.

Note:  When using my borders stencils, I find it's easier for me if I first cut each of the three stencils into three vertical borders, making sure that I leave ample margins around each strip of designs.

The first art sample below shows the border used in the way I'd originally envisioned -- as an accent edge for an art journal page.

The next image shows this stencil used three times on one page, creating what will become a background pattern ...

Although the keys are showing up brightly on the art journal page above, they will eventually be covered with more layers of paint and more stencil-prints.  But the original print will continue to show itself in areas across the page.

Thanks a lot for visiting here today!

To check out the multiple pages of my stencils, please go here.

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