Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Today's post continues the showing of art made with Hot Air Balloon Stencils and Masks.

For a full description of this new set, please scroll down to bottom of this post.


The piece above was created on a map from an old encyclopedia.  All I did was to hold down the two masks from this set, while with the other hand rolling over the entire page with a sponge brayer loaded with heavy-body blue acrylic paint. 

Very similar results could be achieved using a Gelli Plate -- by placing the masks on the plate, then brayering paint across the surface of the place and masks; and, as a final step, pressing a map (face-side down) onto the surface of the plate. 

After I had created the above print, I decided to use my heart-shaped Marvy hole-punch to create little paper hearts to be added to the balloons --

Then I cut out the 6-inch square, as shown above; collaged it onto the cover of a blank 5.75"square blank greeting card (JAMPaper.com); and added an "I Love You" sticker in the upper right.

I made two more greeting cards the same way --

Above:  This card was made with the two masks.

Above:  This card was made with a stencil-print that I'd made on a page from an old encyclopedia.  After the print dried, I cut it out, added it to the card, and finished with another paper heart.

Above is my next-to-last stencil-print for the day.  I made it on a paint-speckled sheet of foreign newsprint, using the stencil from the 6" x 6" stencil-and-mask set of Hot Air Balloon Stencils and Masks. .

Below is a collaged 6" x 6" greeting card that has a base printed with my 6" x 6" stencil Tiger Lily.  The red print on foreign newspaper was made with the stencil from the 4" x 4" set of Hot Air Balloon Stencils and Masks.

The stencils and masks themselves are shown below -- identical in design, but coming in two sizes, 4" x 4" and 6" x 6".

Above:  Hot Air Balloons and Masks

They come as you see them here -- with a stencil (left) side-by-side with a mask (right).  They arrive in two sheets, one measuring 6" x 6" and the other measuring 4" x 4".

A mask "masks" (hides) whatever is under it, when paint is applied.  A stencil differs in that it provides details, such as the hanging gondola under the balloon and the three vertical stripes that form the balloon itself.  A stencil hides part of the background but not everything behind it, as a mask does.

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To see my full line of 72 stencils, please check here.


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