Friday, August 27, 2021

Paper Dolls Anyone?

I encourage anyone with a pile of stencil-printed papers to give today's ideas a try -- and have fun!

I created today's first project with free-hand cut-outs, but if you want, you can trace shapes using the 9" x 12" stencil 
Kunst Puppen Set A, by Andrew Borloz --

-- to make "paper doll" collages" cut from a stash of stencil-printed papers:

Above: The hat on the left figure is cut from a print made with Ornamental Iron Curls (6" x 6").  Her lavender blouse comes from a print created with Pavilion Shadows (6" x 6".)  Her skirt is cut from a print made with 9" x 12" Mimosa Stencil.

The middle figure wears a hat and blouse cut from two prints made using my 6" x 6" stencil Medallion.   Ornamental Iron Curls (6" x 6") made the print that was used to form her skirt.

On the far right, the figure head and hat were cut from a print made with Kaleid (6" x 6") stencil.  Thr doll's blouse was cut from a print made with two 9" x 12" stencils -- Facets and Mimosa Stencil.  Her skirt came from a print created with Mimosa Stencil (9" x 12") and Sprigs (6" x 6".) 

Another approach is to assemble cut-up stencil prints into a face.
I tested the face below against two dissimilar backgrounds before gluing down the pieces:

In both photos above:  The top background of the face -- and the nose -- were cut from a print made with Two Vases (9" x 12") stencil.  Each eye was cut from a different print, both prints having been made using Medallion (6" x 6".)

And the face's lower background was cut from a double print -- a yellow bottom layer made with Mimosa Stencil (9" x 12") and a gray top layer made with Sprigs (6" x 6".)  The smiling red mouth was cut from a print made using Medallion (6" x 6".)

Assembling a face using bits of stencil-prints is every bit as much fun as building paper dolls with them!

I used free-hand cut-outs in assembling today's face, but for anyone who wants to use a stencil, I suggest this one by Andrew Borloz --  Kunst Mask 2 -- which looks like this: 

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