Monday, August 23, 2021

It's time once more to proudly and happily post photos of artworks created by other artists using StencilGirl stencils and masks.

Today's first masterpiece is a two-page art journal spread created by artist Kathy Nyquist --

Above:  To bring this image to completion, Kathy has used parts of s867 (Abstract Composition Backbones Mask 4) multiple times, wiping off some paint layers as she progressed; she also overlapped layers while giving the journal a number of turns.  Also used: one of the many words stencils available at StencilGirl; this one, I believe, was designed by Carolyn Dube.

Kathy also used Abstract Compositions Backbones Mask 4 s867 in creating the next piece of art:


The series of photos below were taken by artist Janina Byrne; each shows a different view of a lovely booklet that she made....

Janina used 9" x 12" Garden Montage, cleverly outlining the design to establish its prominence against its background.

Below:  Work by artist Jill McDowell, re-posted from StencilGirl's The Scoop e-newsletter of June 2, 2021.  Jill used 6" x 6" Ferns 6 s100, 6" x 6" Heron s175 and Brick Factory by Daniella Wolf.  On the herons, Jill used white paint over a layer of black gesso.

In developing the bold, eye-catching artwork that follows, Judy Lucas-Perrin has used 6" x 6" Ginkgo 6 s076 as well as Window Ledger 9 Stencil by Pam Carriker.

Today's next masterpiece was created by artist Matrice Smith, a fabric designer whose colorful purses are beautiful.  The photo below captures one of her purses, designed with the use of several StencilGirl stencils and masks, including (in the forefront) 9" x 12" Clustered Leaves L433.

Below:  MaryBethShaw of StencilGirlProducts has created the intricate, mesmerizing design below, working on an index card.  MaryBeth used Abstract Composition Backbones Masks s864 - s867

Above:  One of my all-time favorite artists, Nancy Sanderson Curry, used 6" x 6" LOVE s828 in painting the artwork above.

Below:  a two-page art journal spread by Sylvia Lokhoff de Bruijn, a Netherlands artist.  Here Sylvia has used 6" x 6" Garden at Nemours Mask s658 with metallic paints; she may have also used other StencilGirls masks or stencils --

My hearty thank-you to each and every artist who allowed me to show their artwork here today!  

To scroll thru the pages of my StencilGirl stencils and masks, please start here.  Thanks!

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