Sunday, March 24, 2019

BOXED VINES 9" x 12" Stencil

Boxed Vines is a 9" x 12" stencil that gets used a lot around here!

The first photo below shows a print made with this stencil, using metallic silver acrylic paint over a dark background --

The photo below shows another print made with the same metallic paint.  This time, the background is an old painting of vines...

One day I decided to paint Dorland's wax thru this stencil.  After lifting the stencil -- and cleaning it!--I used Golden High Flow acrylics in assorted hot colors --

Below is a photo of another stretched canvas -- this time, I spread Liquitex Black Lava Gel thru the stencil.  Much later -- after the lava gel had dried -- I added Golden High Flow acrylics ....

Immediately after spreading that wet lava gel thru the stencil openings, I lifted the stencil and pressed it to a sheet of sturdy gray paper.  The result is the reverse-print here --

After making that reverse-print, I quickly cleaned the stencil of all remaining lava gel.  This gel is one of the high-viscosity media that can clog stencil openings if not removed promptly.

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