Thursday, January 23, 2020

Happy Almost Valentine's Day!

Deb Riddell is an artist who loves romance and combines it beautifully with nostalgia!

Deb created this art journal spread for her 2018 Valentine's Day and I'm delighted to re-post it once more --

Above:  Artist Deb Riddell used  a number of
StencilGirlProducts stencils in creating this two-page spread in her art journal.

Deb's two photos below show one stage of her working process, in which she used my 9" x 12" stencil  Vintage Script ... 

To better see the details of the two-page spread, please click on the above photos to enlarge them. 

Below is another photo of Deb's, a close-up detail ...

The Vintage Script stencil itself looks like this --

Thank you, Deb Riddell!  Now for some last-minute ideas for today--

Making last-minute Valentine greeting cards?  Don't have all the right colors of paint or paper on hand?  Valentines certainly can be traditional, but what's wrong with striking out in new directions?  I say nothing!  Feel free to use whatever's on hand!

Above:  Valentine made with Tiger Lily (6"x 6") Stencil and Two Vases (9" x 12") Stencil.

Above:  Valentine made with Webbed Medallion (6" x 6") Stencil.

Above:  Valentine made with Garden Montage (9" x 12) Stencil.

Above:  Valentine made with Tiger Lily (6"x 6") Stencil and Hot Air Balloon and Mask (available in 2 sizes.) 

Above:  Valentine made with Garden Montage (9" x 12) Stencil and Links (6" x 6") Stencil.

Stencils and masks featured above, in their entirety, look like this --

Webbed Medallion (6" x 6") mask

Links (6" x 6") Stencil

Two Vases (9" x 12") Stencil

Garden Montage (9" x 12) mask

Ready for more?

I made the embellishment for this Valentine card with air-dry clay, painting it with metallic acrylics after the clay had hardened.

Its background is a metallic bronze blank greeting card ( that I imprinted with acrylic paints using my 6" x 6" stencil Mimosa 6

The stencil itself looks like this:


It remains one of my favorite art-making tools; both my 9" x 12" and my 6" x 6" mimosa stencils were inspired by a beautiful young mimosa tree that lived in our front yard, until a fungus attacked it.  Here in NJ, mimosa is actually considered a weed; I've seen it growing wild along roadways and in at least two nearby coastal towns.  But every mimosa we've cultivated has fallen prey to this fungus.  Go figure! 

Today's last non-traditional Valentine --

-- stars a green-and-gold centerpiece-heart that I've cut from a print I made with my 9" X 12" stencil Two Fans -- a doodle-inspired design that looks like this:

And the green background paper on this unusual Valentine card was a Gelli Plate print made with my 9"X 12" stencil Borders 1, shown below. 


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