Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Scraps Created with Stencil-Prints--and How to Use Them

Scraps!  Often I like to explore by cutting stencil-prints into pieces, creating a pile of scraps, then putting them together in new ways.

I've posted on this here.  And here.  And here.  And here.  Directly below, I'm showing just one example from those earlier posts:

Well, it's happened again!  In my post of January 4, I showed a couple of assemblage sheets created with scraps cut from prints made with Looking Up Through Trees.

Here are a couple additional of these assemblages --

And I've explored more design combinations, using either these or similar sheets that've piled up, over time....

The houses idea, shown directly above, isn't original with me.  I once saw a similar example somewhere else, and decided it would be fun to try it myself.  It's mostly a matter of cutting assemblage sheets into squares and triangles, then assembling them.  I used a couple of different permanent markers to draw in doors and windows.  Before gluing them down, I provided a partial background in a neutral color.  My goal with the background was to give unity to the overall composition. 

I've asked myself,  "Why stop with just stencil-print scraps?  Why can't stencil-print scraps be combined with other scraps?"

It worked!

In the collage shown directly below, I made a background with a piece of a stencil-print created with 9" x 12" Facets.

And in the collage directly above, the red-grey scrap on the far left was cut from a print made with 9" x 12" Twinship.  

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