Sunday, January 19, 2020

VASES Stencils

I've always loved the shapes of vases because, to my eye, the majority of them suggest the feminine form.  My 9" x 12" stencil Two Vases (featured in my last post) is one of two vase-design stencils I've developed for StencilGirl:

Two Vases

The other is my 9" x 12" Vases stencil --


It was Vases stencil that I grabbed when developing the background of the painting below:

Having painted that background with full-strength heavy-body acrylic paints, I decided to add a layer of water-diluted white gesso to "knock back" the original background, with the goal of making it look less prominent and more visually distant. 

After waiting for my background to dry, I used a sponge applicator to add heavy-body orange acrylic paint thru one of the two vases in my 9" x 12" stencil Two Vases, creating the dominant orange figure.

 With the same stencil and another sponge applicator, I added a faint green "echo"-image on the far right.  (You can click on the above photo to enlarge it and better see that detail.)

 After those acrylic paints had dried, I came up with a homemade stencil by freehand-drawing a smaller vase of the same shape as the dominant orange figure.  After drawing that outline on cardstock, I used fine-detail scissors to cut it out.  Then I mixed Golden Titanium White liquid acrylic paint equally with water, and added a little Golden Air Brush Medium.  I poured that mix into a mister bottle and sprayed the resulting white paint thru the opening I'd cut out. 

Below is an artwork-in-progress that I've begun using both stencils on the 9" x 12" stencil Two Vases.  This time, I used pale green spray paint that I developed in the same way as described above.

I use these homemade acrylic sprays rather than commercial sprays because this gives me freedom to mix any "hybrid" color combination that I want.

And, when working on canvas, I use acrylic spray paints because they are waterproof once dry.

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